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The facial/massage combo is a heavenly mix of magical massaging and delightful facial products.  Wrinkles disappear and my face is so soft - look and feel years younger.  Treat yourself today!  
Another wonderful massage from Diane. I am now ending each session with the vibrational bowls. An added bonus to the massage. This was my second experience with the bowls and all I can say is Ohm. I fell into such a deep, relaxing, dreamless sleep. I felt so refreshed and energized after. I also experienced chakra tuning forks. Another vibrational stimulation. Very interesting experience, like crystals dancing in my eyes. Diane is an excellent, experienced therapist who really gets to know you and what you need. Thanks, Diane!
Diane is very personable. She grows herself so as a client/patient we are always gaining state of the art treatment
Diane was incredibly knowledgeable, professional and easy to talk to. A great listener, she heard everything I said and addressed each issue throughout my session. I had an amazing massage and experienced cupping for the first time. I will be back!
I would HIGHLY Recommend Diane's massage services. The quality and diversification of techniques she used to undo my crippled neck and back would have been an extra cost anywhere else. She worked on areas NO one has ever done, ie under my shoulder blade and the long muscles down my neck front and back. God definitely gave her a gift.
I have enjoyed massage sessions with Diane on numerous occasions & truly enjoyed her healing touch & top notch professional manner. Wonderful experiences! 
Julie S
Diane is so professional and caring when giving me a massage that I don't want to leave the table at the end of the hour. I enjoy  having the foot wrap, the head massage, and the attention she gives to body areas affected by my cancer.  The studio room is a fabulous setting for relaxation.  I would highly recommend "Zen That Counts" to all of my friends and family.  
Barbara C
Thank you so much for your therapeutic massage! Your essential oils and music are soothing and your technique is nurturing and healing. I was thrilled that you were able to work on my feet-trouble spots for me due to old injuries. I typically don't have massage therapists even touch my feet! You used the right amount and type of pressure to help me relax and even enjoy the massage work on my feet! 
Lynne Suhling

I participated in the Chicago 8K shamrock shuffle & came to see Diane with a very sore body! She worked on me everywhere that hurt using Swedish massage along with bamboo sticks to relieve pain & relax sore muscles. My feet felt SO good with the warm towels & reflexology! Much gratitude for the amazing, de-stressing experience complete with lavender aromatherapy. My body felt so much better!!! Ahhhhh 

-Julie O'S.
I have had a couple of massages from Diane now and each time i leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. The combination of music, essential oils and the techniques she uses are just what I need. And she is always willing to answer any question I have. Thank you 
The morning and into mid-afternoon, after my Raindrop Therapy appt,  I was feeling like a million bucks.  I was very conscious of drinking lots of water.  Come late afternoon, I had a very intense headache but felt better by next day.  I think that must have been part of detox.  I definitely did feel like my body was cleansing some.  I feel like my sleep has been more rejuvenating--deeper.



Diane, the reflexology and Rocktaping ® from last Saturday really made a huge difference, right away! Still feel great! Thanks



“I had been experiencing a lot of upper back pain and discomfort from working hunched over at a computer all day every day. I came in to see Diane and told her about my problem, and she catered my swedish massage specifically to those areas that had been bothering me. My upper back felt so much better after my appointment, and she even gave me a packet of stretches I could do at work to alleviate pain on my own. I'll definitely be back to see Diane! She's wonderful.”

Alyssa Carlin


My cupping experience was awesome!  I wasn't quite sure what to expect but I will definitely do it again.  I feel the results were better than massage for loosening up the tight muscles in my shoulders.  I could actually bring both shoulder blades towards my spine with no problems.  Diane explained what she was doing and made me very comfortable. The circles that are formed look like they might hurt but they don't.  Diane also did my knees since I have one knee with problems.  I could actually feel the blood flow increase in my knees!  

Cindy M.

Fantastic experience!

Absolutely Terrific. Thank you for helping me feel good.

Loved the experience


Here are some responses from those who have tried Vibreational Sound Therapy (VST) :

Just wanted you to know that I'm feeling great today.  For the rest of the day yesterday, I felt relaxed yet energized, taking with me the wonderful gift of the vibration therapy.  This morning I felt as though I had done a good "work-out" yesterday - having used multiple muscles - like in swimming.  I do feel good and appreciate you introducing me to a new massage/therapy session.  Thanks  Barb  


Thanks Diane for inviting me to participate.  I still feel very relaxed.  I thought I could still feel the vibrations in my body about 2 hours after the procedure.  My back continues to feel stimulated - kind of tingley - especially in the shoulder area.  It took about a half hour but my sinus did open and flow.   I think I will sleep well tonight.


Thank you again for reaching out to me. Just wanted you to know how wonderful I 'still feel after my VTS treatment yesterday. How much is an hour session? Need to put it my budget.



BEFORE  Face-Lift / Facial Massage

AFTER  Face-Lift / Facial Massage

The facial was so relaxing. The shoulder, neck and foot massage was a great surprise. I will definitely be going back. I would highly recommend going to Diane if you're looking for the best facial!

I had the opportunity to have this wonderful facial. It’s a must do if you want to be pampered by the perfect therapist !





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